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Star LED Driver

PS2Slim P.S.



This little and simple website is here to share some of my electronics projects or work. Over the time, I hope I can add more projects, repairs and articles about thing I do and I like in electronics.

All you can find here is free for private and educational use. Any commercial usage -even partially- of any content from this website is prohibited without my prior written permission.
Firmwares, source codes, PCB manufacturing files or complete schematics are not necessarily publicated in all projects. If this is the case, it is useless to write and ask me for; if I do not publish something this mean I do not wish to, or it is not (yet) realized.

About this site and all the content, if you find errors, bugs, you have questions or suggestions : feel free to write me ! All is welcome, please use the contact page here.
Furthermore, as you can see, english is not my native language. I decided to write in english because it is the "common language" over internet and in technical things. I appreciate to learn from translated websites because I can't spanish, italian or others. But there is (probably) some mistakes, bad translations or unclear things. Please indicate me corrections and improvements : the translation will be better (and my english will progress :) ).

Hope you find these few pages interesting, I wish you a good reading.

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